Career Training

Career Training

Get the training you need to be successful in a skilled career in a timeframe that works for you. Montana University System offers dozens of career training programs in high-demand fields and prioritizes hands-on learning. Whether you’re looking to level up in your current job or change careers entirely, completing a career training program can help you achieve your goal.

Why Choose Career Training?

Career training programs are a form of higher education that directly prepares you for success in a real-world job. Not only are these programs generally shorter and more affordable than your traditional two- or four-year college degree program, but they are also extremely role-specific and can get you employed in a well-paid, high-demand career in very little time. Even if you aren’t a strong student in a traditional classroom setting, you might excel in learning a specialized skill in one of these supportive, hands-on learning environments.
Types of Career Training
There are several types of career training opportunities offered through MUS. Depending on the targeted career, these offerings may differ by program length, work-based learning options, and kind of certification achieved upon program completion. Learn more about the different kinds of career training to find out which one is best fit for you.
Short Term Career Training
Many older or non-traditional students from Montana choose short-term job training programs at one of MUS’s two-year colleges. These programs are career-focused, hands-on, and fast-paced — teaching you all the skills you need to jumpstart your career after program completion.

Learn By Doing

When you're preparing for a hands-on career, learning from lectures and textbooks alone just won’t cut it. Career training programs provide all the real-world experience you’ll need to succeed from day one on the job, offering everything from apprenticeships to opportunities to use industry-grade technology and equipment. 
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I was able to touch every piece of equipment that I would touch in the real world. I was able to make cable and do everything I needed to do hands-on wise.
Cybersecurity program graduate at Great Falls College