Four Year College Campus

Four-Year Colleges

Looking to take the next big step in your education? Attending a four-year school will allow you to do a deep dive into your field of choice while also exploring other academic interests. Find out why you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in a traditional four-year program.

Why Choose a Four-Year College?

When most people think of going to college, they’re picturing residence halls, sports games, club meetings, and your traditional four-year college experience. Although this isn’t the only path to higher education, it’s the right choice for many prospective students. Unsure whether the four-year path fits your unique goals? Find out why you might want to choose a four-year college.

1. You dream of going to graduate school

If you want to become a true expert in your field of choice, you may need to pursue a postgraduate degree. Whether you’re considering a master’s or even a doctorate degree, your bachelor’s degree will certainly be a prerequisite for these postgraduate programs. A four-year college can provide a rigorous and challenging academic experience and even undergraduate research opportunities that will prepare you for this next step.

2. Broaden your career options

Your choice of educational path will depend on the types of careers that most interest you. Some industries require applicants to have bachelor’s degrees, even at the entry level. Before you decide what level of education you want to pursue, be sure to do your research in the fields of your interest. Find your career roadmap for helpful guidance on over a dozen popular career paths.

3. Enjoy student life with the traditional college experience

Although many four-year colleges offer flexible learning options, some students choose this path because of the student experience. Living on or near campus, getting involved in teams and clubs, and being part of a bustling social scene with people who share your interests can be some of the best parts of attending a four-year school. MUS’s College 101 guide gives great insight to all aspects of the college experience, so you can find out if it’s right for you.

Find a Place to Call Home

College should be a wonderful time in your life where you explore your interests and develop as an individual. During this journey, your school becomes more than just your support system — it starts to feel like home.
Brandon Hunter
"When I came to visit Montana Western, the entire university and community felt very welcoming. I felt like they actually cared about my success rather than just being another number like at some other universities."
Brandon Hunter
Business administration student at Montana Western

How to Choose a Four-Year College

There are 6 four-year education providers in the Montana University System for you to choose from. Don’t know where to begin? 

Start by thinking about which programs you are most interested in. Be sure to find a school that offers these specific options. 

Next, you may consider location. Some students like to stay close to home, whereas others like to explore a new area. It’s a personal decision, but an important one. 

Be sure to apply to all the schools that interest you to increase your chances of getting accepted to one you like.