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Two-Year Colleges

Did you know that you can earn an associate’s degree or a career training certificate across many Montana community colleges in two years or less? These shorter programs allow you to get the education you need in a timeframe that works for you. MUS’s two-year colleges can help you get your career up and running.

Why Choose a Two-Year College?

You might be looking to complete your general education requirements out of the way with an associate’s degree before you transfer to a four year school. Maybe you’re hoping to learn a marketable skill in a short amount of time in a career training program. No matter what you’re looking for, two-year colleges can provide an excellent education in half the time of a traditional 4 year school. Here’s why you should consider an MUS two-year program:

1. Get a degree or certificate at an unbeatable price

Not only is the length of the program half the time, but the cost of tuition  for a two-year college education is much cheaper than tuition at most four-year schools. Financial aid and scholarship opportunities can lower the price of tuition even further. If you’re looking to eventually get a bachelor’s degree, the 2+2 Honor Scholarship allows associate degree graduates from MUS two-year schools to transfer to an MUS four-year school with free tuition.

2. Make your education fit your schedule

Although it varies by school and program, two-year schools generally offer more flexibility for students to take classes when it works for them and in formats that suit their unique needs. Some schools may offer online classes or evening programs so you can schedule your education around your work, lifestyle, or other responsibilities. 

3. Excel in a smaller learning community

Many of the two-year schools at MUS have a much smaller student body than bigger, four-year schools. This means that at a two-year school, you can expect smaller class sizes for a more personal learning environment. In a more tight-knit community, you can expect to build real relationships with instructors and other students, and most importantly, get all the attention and support you need to succeed.

Start Your Success Story

Nobody knows the value of a two-year education like the students themselves. Graduates leave two-year programs with a strong set of skills and are prepared to excel in their careers. Here’s what one student has to say about her favorite part of her two-year experience:
Leah Saanchez In the Shop
“My favorite is literally everything all the way down from admissions to my advisor to my instructors to the people I was in class with. As an industrial technician as far as jobs go, the possibilities are endless. You can go anywhere.”
Leah Sanchez
Industrial technology program student, Great Falls College

How to Choose a Two-Year College at MUS

There are 8 two-year and community colleges in the Montana University System. That means you have a lot of choices. 

When deciding what school to attend, be sure to consider which schools offer the programs you’re most interested in. You may also want to consider the campus location. Do you need a more local option, or are you able to manage a longer commute? These questions can help you determine which school is right for you.

Explore all two-year MUS colleges: