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Tuition Waivers

Campuses of the Montana University System (MUS) are authorized to waive tuition, in accordance with Board of Regents Policy 940.13 and corresponding Commissioner's Directive, to increase accessibility to public higher education for citizens who would not be able to matriculate or to continue an educational program without financial assistance; to recognize meritorious achievement or service by students in the MUS. Tuition waivers are categorized as either Designated or Discretionary.

Board Designated Tuition Waivers

The Board of Regents hereby directs the campuses to grant waivers of undergraduate tuition for Montana resident students enrolled in the following categories at campuses of the Montana University System: 

Additional information on who qualifies and specific waiver information.

Campus Discretionary Waivers & Discounts

Campuses of the MUS may waiver tuition, on a full or partial basis, for superior academic achievement, service to the campus, and/or other meritorious accomplishment or student financial need. 

Additional information on who qualifies and specific waiver information.

MUS Financial Aid Awarded by Source

For additional information regarding all types of financial aid awarded in the MUS (except loans) including all grants, scholarships, waivers, discounts, and work study see the MUS Financial Aid Dashboard