MUS Honor Scholarship

The MUS Honor Scholarship is a 4-year renewable scholarship, which waives the recipient’s tuition when used at an eligible campus. Its average value at a 4-year Montana campus is $5,000 a year or $20,000 for four years. This scholarship may be retained for a maximum of 8 semesters and with proper notification is transferable to other eligible campuses.The Board of Regents intends to offer up to 200 scholarships (contingent upon continued funding of the program) annually. 

General Information

This scholarship will be awarded in accordance with Board of Regents Policy 940.8 – Montana Resident Undergraduate Student Financial Aid. Recipients will be selected based upon class ranking as determined by the student’s grade point average (GPA) at the student’s respective high school and their ACT or SAT test score (the higher of the two if both tests are taken). The scholarship does not cover mandatory or class fees. Students should ask the college for a list of fees that are not covered by the scholarship. View the MUSHS Fact Sheet or access the FAQ page.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply students must:

  • Must apply the year they graduate from a high school accredited by the Montana Board of Public Education
  • Must have been enrolled full-time at a high school accredited by the Montana Board of Public Education for at least three years (any combination of three years but must include senior year)
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4 at the end of the 7th semester
  • Must be on track to meet the Board of Regents Rigorous Core Requirements -or- receive an International Baccalaureate (IB) Disploma by graduation
  • Must take the ACT or SAT test by student’s senior year
  • Must be a resident of the State of Montana
  • Must be accepted by an eligible campus

Application Process

Applying for the MUS Honor Scholarship is a multi-step process. Students must complete each of the following steps by the deadline for their application to be considered complete;

  1. Take the ACT or SAT test 
  2. Apply to and be accepted by one of the eligible campuses
  3. Apply online (applications open December 1)
  4. Print the Rigorous Core/Attendance Certification page from your application and have your High School Counselor/Designee sign it


  • Copy of official 7th semester transcript reflecting all classes from freshman through the first semester of senior year and cumulative GPA
  • Copy of College Acceptance Letter or Acceptance email
  • Proof/certification of ACT/SAT score (print out from ACT/SAT OR listed as part of high school transcript) 
  • Rigorous Core/Attendance Certification page, signed by your High School Counselor/Designee

Additional Information

Contact Award Montana

Do you have questions about scholarship applications or need help getting started? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Phone: 1-800-537-7508