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Tribal Colleges

With a tribal college on each of Montana’s seven Indian reservations, American Indian students have access to a multitude of higher education opportunities to earn a certificate or degree that will help them pursue a career in high-demand industries. Many students who start in a tribal college successfully transfer into a campus in the Montana University System to earn a 4-year degree or higher from well-regarded collegiate programs in the state. Through collaborative partnerships with the tribal colleges, MUS institutions are focused on meeting the needs of American Indian students and creating campus communities that foster student success.  Government funding and other cultural programs provide extensive support to American Indian students.

American Indian Student Success in the Montana University System

These statistics reflect American Indian students who are enrolled across the MUS campuses plus the three community colleges.
enrolled in Montana University System - highest American Indian student enrollment across the MUS ever
graduates with certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in 2023
students are enrolled in 4-year programs

Tribal Colleges

Aaniiih Nakoda College

ANC (formerly Fort Belknap College) is located on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation of the White Clay (Aaniiih or Gros Ventre) and Nakoda (Assiniboine) Indians in northeastern Montana. It is a fully accredited institution offering Bachelor, Associate, and certificate programs, as well as a variety of grant sponsored programs. The college incorporates native culture throughout the curriculum and in campus activities. The college supports individual and community development by preserving and restoring the indigenous Aaniinen and Nakoda Tribes and preparing students to achieve success in an American technological society.

President of Blackfeet Community College

Located in Browning, Montana, Blackfeet Community College offers Associate and certificate programs in Business and Information Technology, Education, Liberal Studies, Human Services, Math and Science, and Nursing. The college has 2,240 students enrolled with 60 certified teachers and offers 215 complete courses. The college’s primary objectives are to promote academic opportunities by increasing access to education, advance knowledge of Blackfeet heritage, improve tribal management, and provide support for cultural and recreational activities for the community.

Chief Dull Knife College

A community-based, land grant, and tribally controlled institution in Lame Deer, Montana, Chief Dull Knife College offers quality educational programs to residents of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and surrounding communities. Associate and certificate programs include Early Childhood Education, Agriculture, Native American Studies, Business, Special Education, Biology/Pre-Med, Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship. As an accredited higher education institution, Chief Dull Knife College supports culturally-influenced education through quality life-long learning for the Cheyenne community.

Fort Peck Community College

Offering a variety of Associate and certificate programs, Fort Peck Community College in Poplar, Montana focuses on bringing education to the reservation to meet the unique needs of the community. With a commitment to preserving indigenous culture and heritage, this accredited institution promotes self-awareness through education to ensure students obtain the knowledge and skills to build a career. The college is recognized for excellent academic and vocational programs, innovative student support, and extensive community service programs.

Little Big Horn College

Students at Little Big Horn College can pursue their academic goals with Associate and certificate programs in areas that reflect the evolving economic opportunities and social needs of the Crow Indian Reservation and surrounding communities. Associate degree majors include Business Administration, Crow Studies, Education, Human Services, Liberal Arts, Information Systems, Mathematics and Science. The college also offers a variety of one-year certificate programs related to industries such as education, information technology, business, construction, and tribal management.  Located in Crow Agency, Montana, the college is a Land Grant institution that is committed to the preservation of Crow culture and language, and the advancement of the Crow Indian family. Students may choose to receive their education in traditional and distance education formats.

Salish Kootenai College

Grounded in the cultures and traditions of the Séliš, Ksanka, and QÍispé people of the Flathead Nation, Salish Kootenai College offers quality education with Masters, Bachelor’s, Associate, and certificate programs, as well as adult and community learning, that meet the unique needs of tribal people. Located in Pablo, Montana, the college has a 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio and 68 Northern American tribes are represented. With a wide range of majors and vocational studies to choose from, students receive extensive support from the college to ensure their academic and career success, and empower them to impact the lives of their families and communities through research, leadership and service.

Stone Child College

Located on the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation, Stone Child College offers 19 programs for Associate degrees and certificates and a Bachelor’s program in Education. The tribally-controlled college also offers workforce training in the Chippewa-Cree community. With a focus on providing services to the tribal community and promoting the preservation and maintenance of the Chippewa-Cree culture, the college provides educational programs and services to help students achieve their academic and career goals.